30 Day Insurance Drug Rehab Treatment

There are numerous 30 insurance based drug rehabs in the greater Los Angeles area. Some of these offer comprehensive clinical services, while others only provide basic 12 Step support. Regardless of which type of drug treatment you are interested, there are the methods and means to review your options before you choose a drug rehab center.

Discover the 30 Day Drug Rehab Options

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There are only two different types of 30 day drug and alcohol rehab programs in Los Angeles:

  • Evidence Based Treatment Programs
  • 12 Step Rehab Centers

Despite the great number of 30 day rehabs in the greater Los Angeles area they will basically break down into one of two of these categories. Most of the drug rehabs in the area are actually 12 Step programs, meaning that they don’t offer clinical treatment, but rely solely on group therapy and AA meetings for client care.
The other type – Evidence Based Treatment Programs – are much more rare. In fact, there are really only three in Los Angeles County. Visit LA Rehab Options to learn more. These programs are referred to as dual diagnosis rehabs, in that they treat the underlying issues that contribute to addictive pathology. In short, this means that they treat psychiatric and psychological issues alongside the treatment for alcoholism, addiction, or prescription drug abuse.

Researching 30 Day Drug Rehabs

As people begin the process of learning about 30 day drug rehab programs, two questions usually spring up.

  1. How does a 30 day drug rehab work?
  2. How do I learn about what makes a 30 day drug rehab more effective than another?

We are here to help you with both of these questions. The first thing you should do is visit our drug rehab Los Angeles, where you will find important information and helpful tips about how drug treatment centers work.

Taking the First Step
Once you have familiarized yourself with what 30 day drug rehab is all about, you’re ready to take the first step. If you still feel like you need a little more information before you continue, visit individual therapy.

Step One: Research
Research is the most important part of the process when learning about 30 day drug rehab. Your research should include two important parts.

Internet Research:
Internet research is what you are doing now. It’s usually the most comfortable way to begin the process of choosing a 30 day drug rehab. Internet research can also get highly confusing, very quickly.

The key to conducting good Internet research is to focus your attention on websites that are information-based. It’s easy to get lured into choosing a 30 day rehab because of the pictures they advertise on their sites. But pretty pictures don’t always translate into effective treatment, so try to stay focused on sites where abundant information is provided about the program’s actual services!

Pick Up The Phone
Although Internet research is good, telephonic research is the best for really getting an idea of what a 30 day drug rehab is actually all about.

The key to conducting telephone research is to apply a two-pronged approach.

  1. Know beforehand what treatment services you need.
  2. Query the drug rehab about whether they offer those services.

If you’re not sure about what services you need, visit helpful tips for choosing the right drug treatment center. You will find relevant information about what the different levels of 30 day drug rehab care are, as well as pertinent questions to ask during your telephonic research!

Remember: If you feel like you’re getting sold on something during a phone call research phase, always request verification of what you are being promised in writing!

Call an Experienced Professional for Guidance

If you think you might need more help choosing the best 30 day drug rehab for yourself or a loved one, contact us today! Credentialed staff will conduct a free assessment and give you the resources you need to understand more about what 30 day drug rehab is all about.